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The idea of Pristine Body Studio started as a desire to do more for the waxing clients of Monique M, the self proclaimed vulva specialist. Monique is all about providing exceptional and natural solutions for hair removal. After giving herself to the corporate waxing world for almost 2 years a decision was made to break away from the fast-food type of waxing structure that so many other waxing salons have adopted to focus on a more customer focused experience. Pristine Body Studio was created from this pivotal decision.

Too many complaints of painful and burning waxing experiences from the aforementioned type of salons inspired Monique to create her very own Gentle Touch Waxing Technique.

The Gentle Touch Waxing Technique

The Gentle Touch Waxing Technique is Monique’s very own technique that was created to reduce the pain associated with waxing. As several clients can attest to on review sites all over the internet, Monique’s waxing services are less painful than the average waxing salon that doesn’t implement her signature technique. If you have any other questions in regards to the service you will receive at Pristine Body Studio please visit our frequently asked questions section.