Yoni Steaming Herbs


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Cleansing Herbs (Best choice for old residue, postpartum and general use. Not suitable for women with short menstrual cycles.)
Disinfecting Herbs (Best choice if experiencing active infections or viruses.) (Note: If you have short menstrual cycles AND infections then you should get both this blend and the gentle herbs.)
Gentle Herbs (Best choice for short menstrual cycles–27 days or less and interim bleeding.)
Cooling Herbs (Best choice if experiencing hot flashes, night-sweats, vaginal dryness or living in a very hot climate.)



Pristine Body Studio vaginal steam herb blends are all designed to help a woman achieve a perfect standard healthy cycle without any side effects. All of the herbs are mixed as a formula and each one has properties that will help to clean the uterus, improve vaginal flora, increase circulation and regularize the cycle. Each blend also has specific herbs based on the type of cycle imbalance or side effects a woman might be experiencing.


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Additional information

Attribute Cooling, Gentle, Disinfecting, Cleansing