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Full Body Waxing in Spring, TX

Pristine Body Studio is a full service waxing hair removal salon in Spring, TX that offers several waxing services to remove unwanted hair from almost anywhere on the body. Our waxing services are done by a licensed skin care specialist who is trained to not only remove hair from your body but to take care of the skin afterwards. Waxing can be a less than pleasant experience or a gentle experience that can only be provided by our wax specialist at Pristine Body Studio.

If you are serious about waxing, check out our waxing packages to save a percentage on unlimited waxing for a whole year!

Waxing Price List

  • Body Waxing (Hover To See the Service on Hairy Mary)
  • Arms(Full) $40
  • Arms(Half) $35
  • Back(Full) $60
  • Back(Lower) $20
  • Back(Upper) $25
  • Brazilian $60
  • French Bikini $50
  • Bikini $40
  • Chest(Full) $30
  • Chest(Strip) $22
  • Hands $12
  • Legs(Lower) $37
  • Legs(Upper) $39
  • Legs(Full) $75
  • Stomach(Full) $30
  • Stomach(Strip) $15
  • Toes $15
  • Underarms $25
  • Shoulders $25
  • Face Waxing (Hover To See the Service on Hairy Mary)
  • Cheeks $15
  • Chin $15
  • Ears $15
  • Eyebrows $25
  • Full Face $55
  • Lip $15
  • Neck $15
  • Nose $15
  • Sideburns $15

Waxing Hair Removal Services

Specializing in our very own Gentle Touch Waxing™ technique, we minimize the pain associated with other fast food type waxing salons. Taking our time, we wax every requested nook and cranny of your pristine body.

While other waxing salons in Houston or Spring Texas might rush their clients in and out for the sake of profits, we believe that it’s extremely important for us to take the time to properly inform and prepare our clients for their waxing services. Think about it. Has anything fast ever been good?

Client Reviews (Source: Facebook)

  • Her studio is awesome. Very clean and comfortable and she's truly great at what she does. I will be recommending her to all of my peeps.

    Miki Rankin
    Miki RankinA1 Installations
  • I love how gentle she is and I love the quality of the service she provides! She is an amazing Waxer! I would recommend her to anyone who is hesitant about waxing because she makes you feel so comfortable.

    Disneyda Martinez
    Disneyda Martinez
  • From the welcome I received upon my arrival all the way through my wax and final goodbye, I can say I enjoyed my experience. Regardless of who you are, getting a wax can be awkward, but with Monique she makes sure you are comfortable, she makes conversation while performing her services, which helps to put the mind at ease. She made sure the wax temperature was not too hot on the skin and she is definitely a perfectionist, which is a plus. Her studio is clean and she is knowledgeable when it comes to her work. Highly recommend her!

    MeLinda Bobmanuel
    MeLinda Bobmanuel
Waxing Hairy Mary

A Pleasant Waxing Experience

Hair removal with Pristine Body Studio is more of a fun experience than it is an arduous task. Our wax specialist are trained and motivated to make your waxing experience more about healthy skin and less about the stigma of pain associated with waxing and hair removal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your waxing service please contact us immediately and someone from Pristine Body Studio will answer any and all questions and concerns.

"Hairy Mary" Wizowski

Full Hair Before Waxing

Bikini After

Bikini Waxing

French Bikini After

French Bikini Waxing

Brazilian After

Brazilian Waxing

Eyebrow After

Eyebrow Waxing

Full Face After

Full Face Waxing

Underarms After

Underarm Waxing

Full Arms After

Full Arm Waxing

Half Arms After

Half Arm Waxing

Full Chest After

Full Chest Waxing

Chest Strip After

Chest Waxing

Lower Legs After

Lower Leg Waxing

Upper Legs After

Upper Leg Waxing

Full Legs After

Full Leg Waxing

Full Stomach After

Full Stomach Waxing

Stomach Strip After

Stomach Waxing

Toes After

Toe Waxing

Shoulders After

Shoulder Waxing

Hands After

Hand Waxing

Full Back After

Full Back Waxing

Back Upper After

Upper Back Waxing

Back Lower After

Lower Back Waxing

Cheeks After

Cheek Waxing

Ears After

Ear Waxing

Lips After

Lip Waxing

Neck After

Neck Waxing

Nose After

Nose Hair Waxing

Sideburns After

Sideburn Waxing

Chin After

Chin Waxing
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